Thursday, 18 March 2010



This piece was actually finished a month or two ago but hadn't had the time to post anything up about it.
it came from a general feeling at the time and two songs ("Cruel Bloom" & "wretched World") from the latest Converge album "Axe to Fall", the title obviously coming from one of the tracks.
The piece was for a show in Rome called "Skate like canvas", which I will post all the details as soon as i have them.

The piece is painted freehand in acrylic and made more personal by the two coats of my own blood within the head of the rose.

the photography was by Mr. Harry Sewell

I've added the lyrics below as i think they are both great songs

"Cruel Bloom" by Converge
Voracious children and wolves
Sharpen their teeth on our bones
Carrion feeds the wretched
Vacant eyes peer through the hole
Beggars and thieves bring down a common enemy
While pawnshop kings and corner queens
All hawk their souls for gold
Lifelong victims pound and claw at the ground
Searching for a way out of their skin
Writhe in the cruel bloom
Trying so hard to find beauty in flesh torn from me
Trying so hard not to lose you
In cobwebs and empty hearts
Lifelong victims pound and claw at the ground
Searching for a way out of their skin
Writhe in the cruel bloom
Witness the ghostlike shades of ourselves
Searching for any way out of our skin
Writhe in the cruel bloom

"wretched World" by Converge
Down by your side
I watch the dreary light
It illuminates your sleeping skin
I reach my cold arm across the bed
You make no move
You never do
Own these dire nights
Own their seething lies
Own my damage
Own my scars
They paint a broke life's
Shattered art
And time won't turn
My wretched world
To stand in your shadow is to be home)

i think the piece explains itself but if you want an explanation
its in regards to matters of the heart, love to be more precise.
now i don't believe in love at first sight, it's more like lust at first site and what you are attracted to and love comes with time and getting to really know someone and how they think, work etc,etc and how this compliments you.
the heart though, is like a flower. It needs to be nurtured, cared for, fed even and without this it will simply wilt and die, but don't give love so freely useless you want disappointment.

"Love is like war: Easy to begin but hard to end." - Anonymous

so this if for all those in love, those who have lost it and those who are yet to find it

for those who know me, don't worry i haven't gone soft and no I'm not in love. normal service will be resumed shortly

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  1. Hahahahah I laughed when i red the last sentence .. ;)